The Empty Nester

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The Empty Nester by Quail Homes

We have specialized on the empty nester buyer since the early 1990’s. This is not just another home plan. This is a cumulative effort to meet the needs of a specific type of buyer. This is why we named it “The Empty Nester”.

We have collaborated with some of the best minds in the country that include Mascord Home Designs, the building scientists at Owens Corning, the managing leaders at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home’s program, our home commissioning expert Ron Nordozza with Four Walls, Energy Trust and our valued trade partners and employees.

We know that people who buy this type of home want to improve their quality of life. They are looking for improvement not only for today’s living but also tomorrow’s. Working closely with one of the best home designers in the country (Mascord Home Designs) we paid particular attention to how we can improve clients quality of life. Universal Design ideas like wider doorways and hallways, elimination of steps, the use of natural light and a sophisticated lighting plan really makes this home live great on a daily basis.

An open great room concept, indoor and outdoor living, dual master suites, a great space for a home office and a 4 plus car garage all on one level are the focal points of this home design.

The building scientists at Owens Corning have helped us deliver their trademarked Comfort Built home. It is quieter and more comfortable home than anything most people have ever experienced.

We are excited to introduce this home as a Zero Energy Ready Home (ZERH) as determined by the U.S. Department of Energy. ZERH is based on providing homes with durable low maintenance products, optimized thermal protection, whole house water protection, high performance heating and cooling equipment, high efficiency components, superior indoor air quality with automated sensors, solar ready and a trustworthy builder that backs up their work.

We would like to thank Ron Nordozza for executing this home’s commissioning along with Energy Trust and our much appreciated trade partners and employees. They are all responsible for making sure our home meets the ZERH requirements.

We think you will find this home warm and comfortable. Please take your time to learn about some of the sophisticated products and techniques that have been used to make this one of our best homes to date.

Quail Homes
Jon Girod

Quail Homes of Vancouver, WA has been in the Northwest custom home builder business for over twenty years. Quail Homes weathered the current housing crisis while other custom home builders failed because we practice sound business principles. We believe in doing things right and have never cut corners to generate more profit. We have a commitment to quality.

Company stability and quality customer service result from a stable and experienced work force. Many of our employees and subcontractors have been with us for the last twenty years. When we work with the same subcontractors for every new house we build, warranty service is never a problem. Our subcontractors are always happy to take care of you, our customer.

Customer satisfaction is the primary goal at Quail Homes. We want to exceed your expectations before, during, and after new home construction. We are dedicated to helping you to customize any plan that you choose to fit your lifestyle, and we will ensure that you are well informed and educated throughout the entire homebuilding process.