The Overbrooke

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Cascade West

This large family home is well situated overlooking any body of water, in this case the Whipple Creek, and like the creek it surveys this home plays host to constant activity and a playful nature. Welcome, to The Overbrook.

The welcoming embrace of this home can be felt even before exiting the vehicle. On approach, as our homeowners round the drive, the entrance into the ‘L’ shaped footprint encompasses the viewer delivering an immediate sense of ease as their journey slowly comes to a close. Surrounded by a family-sized front porch, which runs the length of the home, and sprawling concrete square footage this entire area can serve as an amateur sport-court and spectator seating. Here everyone roots for the home team. Behind the double-door entry rests unending chambers of light. The vaulted great room features stained overhead beams, an impressive display of nature contained elegantly within six oversized windows and half-height custom built-in cabinets whose ornate glass doors mirror the long, natural, curved forms of the surrounding forest and mimic the intertwined and overlapping nature of the lives within the walls. Further from the entrance a large dining area (with nearby wine or coffee bar) not only affords the room to host extended family and friends during festivities, but doubles in size when combined with the outdoor living extension. Simply opening the double sliding glass door activates the outdoor area and untites the inside and out with a seamless transition. This space is truly more than the sum of it’s parts. Furthest from the entry is the elongated, wrap-around kitchen. With a light and effortless atmosphere, maximum functionality and room for enough cooks in the kitchen to host an episode of Chopped – this space is sure to please.

The main floor also boasts two mudrooms. The first, connecting the porch, front entry and garage access, will serve a utilitarian purpose in family functions every single day. The second, a large laundry room, with extensive storage and a half-height shower stall (great for pets or rinsing off after a romp through the woods) as well as outdoor access, will function independently from it’s predecessor. Whereas the first mudroom is all about access, serving as a portal to the next adventure, this serves as a place to recount that adventure, and potentially clean-up from it. Upstairs we have another iteration of our main entry. Behind a set of large double-doors rests the master suite. A vaulted chamber is flooded with natural light which pours from the approachable and oversized windows opposite the door. Through them, an innumerable number of plant species and the winding Whipple Creek offer a peaceful view in a quiet natural setting. Nightly, our residents can enjoy the natural harmony of the Whipple Creek whispering to them and the gentle swaying of trees as a backdrop as they drift softly to sleep.

We hope you enjoy this home. At Cascade West we strive to surpass the needs, wants and expectations of every client and create a home that unifies and compliments their lifestyle. This is what home feels like. This is where family happens. This is Cascade West.

For more than 25 years, Cascade West has provided fine homes throughout the Pacific Northwest with superior value and distinctive styling. We specialize in listening to our home buyers and then customizing a floor plan to put their needs and dreams into reality.