Cascade West
Aerius is a Latin word meaning aerial or partaking of the nature of air.

The word can be found in the root of Ardea, which is a genus of birds in the Ardeidae family. One of the most popular members of this family is the Great Blue Heron, or Ardea Herodias. A beautiful large bird that can be found in bodies of water throughout the region, it shares it’s name, natural color palette and family values with this stately home.

Welcome to the Aerius. Don’t let the Northwest inspired appearance fool you. As you step inside; the interwoven transitional, modern and contemporary elements make personal solitude, friendly gatherings, and extended family stays simultaneously conceivable. The thoughtful division of rooms and amenities insure space for each member of the household to act independently or to come together as a whole and share in the quiet sophistication of the common areas. The family that lives here values independence as well as inclusion. Functionality and freedom are the principles of this nest; from which a family can take flight.

At first glance this home seems to disappear into it’s surroundings. The dark, natural appearance of the rock borrows hues and rough texture from the surrounding forest. A soft, powder blue paint gives no clear chromatic indication between structure and sky. With this in mind the dark shingles seem to float above a stoney foundation. Unexpected levitation isn’t the only aerial endeavor this home embarks upon. With lofty interiors and dismissible separation from the outdoors; people, air and conversation can flow freely throughout the combined space. Overall the home echoes the popular American Craftsman style, which dots the Pacific Northwest landscape. This home’s many peaks; supported by visible gables and lower exterior masonry denote common treatments found throughout Clark County. However, within the championed modern features of this home, touches of originality can still be found. From the driveway to the dining room, the design guides the viewer through the home while maintaining a comfortable and creative atmosphere.

Upon opening the 8ft tall door and entering the foyer an immediate display of light, color and energy is presented to us in the form of 13ft coffered ceilings, abundant natural lighting and an ornate glass chandelier. Beckoning across the hall an entrance to the Great Room is beset by the Master Suite, the Den, a central stairway to the Upper Level and a passageway to the 4-bay Garage and Guest Bedroom with attached bath. Advancement to the Great Room reveals massive, built-in vertical storage, a vast area for all manner of social interactions and a bountiful showcase of the forest scenery that allows the natural splendor of the outside in. The sleek corner-kitchen is composed with elevated countertops. These additional 4in create the perfect fit for our larger-than-life homeowner and make stooping and drooping a distant memory. The comfortable kitchen creates no spatial divide and easily transitions to the sun-drenched dining nook, complete with overhead coffered-beam ceiling. This trifecta of function, form and flow accommodates all shapes and sizes and allows any number of events to be hosted here. On the rare occasion more room is needed, the sliding glass doors can be opened allowing an out-pour of activity. Almost doubling the square-footage and extending the Great Room into the arboreous locale is sure to guarantee long nights out under the stars.

At the other end of the Main Floor one hesitates to refer to the Homeowner’s designated portion of space as a Suite, when in reality it’s more of a Wing. The entire length of the home, opposite the drive, is dedicated to the Master Bedroom, spacious His and Hers vanities and expansive walk-in closet. Inside the Master Bath mirrored amenities and sophisticated finishes promise peace and structure for any morning routine. A total of 8 large windows fill the chambered wing with a pearlescent glow from mid-day to dusk.

The upstairs rests mainly on the Western half of the home. It’s composed of a laundry room, 2 bedrooms, including a future princess suite, and a large Game Room. Every space is of generous proportion and easily accessible through a single hall. The windows of each room are filled with natural scenery and warm light. This upper level boasts amenities enough for residents  to play, reflect, and recharge all while remaining up and away from formal occasions, when necessary.

This plan is designed for people who value close-knit togetherness as well as the ability to branch-off of the family tree and discover the fruit of their own labors.

We hope you enjoy this home. At Cascade West we strive to surpass the needs, wants and expectations of every client and create a home that unifies and compliments their lifestyle.  

For more than 25 years, Cascade West has provided fine homes throughout the Pacific Northwest with superior value and distinctive styling. We specialize in listening to our home buyers and then customizing a floor plan to put their needs and dreams into reality.