A neck massage may be required with this design trend at the NW Natural Parade of Homes!

If you’re not at a planetarium show or squinting at your favorite air show, chances are you rarely spend any significant amount of time looking up. Let’s add one more place where you have no choice but to cast your eyes toward the heavens: this year’s NW Parade of Homes in Camas, Washington.

Never before have I been in more homes all at once, where ceiling details were front and center. From coffered plaster, coffered with wood and everything in between, let me just give you some sound advice to have that neck massage booked and ready to go. Because if this showcase of ceilings doesn’t blow your mind, it may certainly give you whiplash.

Let’s start with home # 2 on the tour, The Nakshatra – built by Axiom Luxury Homes. The great room ceiling showcases a crisscross metal design feature over indirect lighting. It creates an ambiance that’s inviting and could encourage guests to overstay their welcome. The artistic inclusion was actually welded right in place where you see it!

Ceilings definitely steal the show in Home # 4 – The River’s Point – built by Cascade West. The great room features a coffered ceiling with rich inlaid wood – 20 feet above! But before you can get too excited, you’re invited into the dining room, where a tapestry of cork glides underneath and sets the stage for the impressive crystal light fixture. Builder Ron Wagner of Cascade West Development says coffered ceiling details serve a variety of aesthetic purposes in a home. “It gives us the ability to inlay products into the ceiling of the coffered area. Tongue and groove pine, wallpaper, just different textures to add some more depth to the room. And it’s also nice when you’re putting decorative beams in the room–to be able to have the beams tie into something rather than the wall.”

The theme even carries outside of The River’s Point, where you’ll find wood inlaid ceilings over the outdoor entertainment area. This definitely adds to the year-round outdoor cozy factor – especially off the master suite.

Then, just when you think you can’t possibly crane your neck anymore, you stumble into Home #7 – The Aurora – also built by Cascade West. To say the dining room is exceptional is an understatement. You’ll not only find warm wood inlaid into the coffered ceiling but beautiful dark beams on top, from which showpiece light fixtures hang. It truly sets the stage for an incredible dining experience. And for the rest of us, this is the stuff homeowner dreams are made of. Cascade West also extended this look into the master suite, creating an extension of the gorgeous look from the great room.

Lastly, for an elegant look upwards, stop by Home #5 – The Hamlin – built by Affinity Homes. The coffered ceilings in the master suite are divine with simple artistry, adding a nice point of interest in the room.

So do a few neck exercises or maybe even pack your airline neck pillow for added support. However, you decide to prepare, get ready to look up and gasp out loud in amazement. Because this year’s NW Natural Parade of Homes does not disappoint.

Just hop in your car and click here for directions. Never pay full price and click here to save $2 off admission. It’s the FINAL week of the NW Natural Parade of Homes – so hurry down before September 22nd!

To see these and more coffered ceilings, visit our Instagram page for a gallery of pictures! View our NW Natual Parade of Homes Show Magazine for builder and show info.

See you there!

Coleen Jamison, Special Writer

NW Natural Parade of Homes

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