You’ve seen the signage and advertising. It’s official: The 2019 NW Natural Parade of Homes is on. And it’s epic – just wait until you see the views this year.  If you can’t stand the thought of missing out because there are redecorating ideas to be had, the smell of new paint to be smelled, and quite frankly, you haven’t had a day out (sans the office or the grocery store) in weeks, then drop everything and head over to this amazing designer showcase. Yes, its so much fun to scamper through new homes, but there’s just one wrinkle: who’s going to watch the kiddos? We say, bring them with you, plus, kids 12 and under get in free!

Here’s the deal. This is a family friendly event (as long as you keep your munchkins from crawling all over the furniture—particularly in the areas that say, “Please do not sit on.” Trust me—they’ll be more than tempted to perch atop the giant swing located at home #7 – The Aurora.” Or squeeze a few stuffies in the nurseries (there are two!) inside home #6 – Chateau Angelo. So pack some snacks, grab the kids and come on in! The doors are open.

What Do You Do With Your Kids at the Parade of Homes? Put them to work!

Once you’re there, how about giving little Maggie and Bobby a few tasks to keep them busy? It’s always fun to make things a game. Ask your kids to count how many bathrooms, bedrooms, or fireplaces are in each home. (Yes this also requires you to do the same, but we all know parenting is about creative story-telling. So why feel the need to succumb to exact facts and numbers now?)

You can also hand them your cell phone (or pull out an old digital camera) and ask them to take photos of their favorite features in each house. This may also mine gold later when you need an afternoon activity. The kids can print them out and organize the photos into categories or even an album.

My personal favorite is to see how long can we all go before touching something. It’s a win for the builders/home owners and saves you from sounding like your mother. Challenge (bribe) your mini-me’s to a contest to see who can go the longest without touching ANYTHING. And I do mean anything. Handrails excluded of course – let’s keep the little ones safe.

The 2019 NW Natural Parade of Homes is hands down a can’t miss viewing opportunity. With everything from a regulation size indoor retractable batting cage to a virtual reality home (yes it’s actually real, but still in the building process,) there is absolutely something for everyone. So throw the kids in the car, put them to work and watch them learn to love counter surfaces, light fixtures and ceiling soffits as much as you do! Heck maybe someday they’ll even become a builder and build you a home.

Visit the show this September 6 to 22nd, and click here to get directions, click here to print and save $2 off admission, and click here to learn about upcoming events happening at the NW Natural Parade of Homes like Family Day with special activities happening 11am to 2pm on September 15th.

Note: no backpacks and strollers are allowed in the homes for safety reasons.

Have fun!

Coleen Jamison

Special writer

NW Natural Parade of Homes

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