Written by Carollyn Farrar, NW Natural marketing program manager.

NW Natural is excited to support the Building Industry Association of Clark County and their builders participating in the premier SW Washington home tour: the 2017 NW Natural Parade of Homes. This year, Parade of Homes builders have embraced customer preference for natural gas homes. Every home on the tour homes is heated with natural gas.

Homeowners within NW Natural’s service territory value natural gas for its efficiency, cooking, space and water heating. In fact, about 74 percent of the residential square footage in the service territory is heated by natural gas.

Some surprising facts about customer home energy use in NW Natural’s service territory:

  • Natural gas space and water heating account for 59 percent of annual home energy use
  • During the winter months, space and water heating can account for 91 percent of home energy use
  • With such a large percentage of home energy use going to heating space and water, NW Natural has succeeded in keeping energy costs low. Customers are paying less for natural gas today than they did 15 years ago

NW Natural was curious to learn how many recent homebuyers prefer natural gas and how much they would be willing to pay for natural gas amenities. In 2016, Market Strategies International surveyed a representative sample of consumers who recently bought or planned to buy single-family detached homes in NW Natural’s service territory, including SW Washington, to gauge the value they’d place on natural gas services and amenities.

The Findings:

  • 9 of 10 would pay $50,000 more for an all-gas home compared to a comparably outfitted all-electric home
  • 9 of 10 picked the gas home when given the choice of all natural gas appliances versus all electric equipment
  • Homebuyers said natural gas is affordable and better for cooking, heats better, and is a more efficient source of energy

NW Natural Continues to Work on Energy Efficiency and Conservation:

NW Natural has a goal to help its customers conserve and save enough energy to heat an additional 230,000 homes annually by 2035. Partnering with Energy Trust of Oregon, NW Natural is focused on promoting customer conservation, emissions offsets, and innovations to reduce consumption. Look for more information coming soon on energy efficiency and conservation programs from NW Natural.

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