By Carollyn Farrar, NW Natural Marketing Program Mgr.

For those who love to cook, and love to eat great food, don’t miss the natural gas range at The Maldivian – inside the Gecho Construction home at the NW Natural Parade of Homes this year! Gecho Construction has chosen the extraordinary Miele M-touch HR 1956 Dual Fuel range for its excellent qualities.  The 48” range comes with features and user convenience exclusive to Miele:

The Moisture Plus Feature:  With increased humidity all types of breads, rolls and croissants come out of the oven shiny, photo-op ready, looking like they are from the local patisserie. And the moisture plus also browns the crust on meats and soufflés.

Wireless Food Probe:  Roasting of meat, fish and poultry is goof-proof.  The monitoring device includes a countdown indicator that lets you know exactly when your protein will be ready. Walk away and let the oven do the work.

Effortless Cooking:  The Miele makes cooking easy and fun with user friendly convenience features.  The oven’s swivel handle follows the way your hand naturally moves, making it very easy to open and close the oven door. The crisp function reduces moisture to create a micro-climate that’s great for French fries or other crispy foods. The clock and timer functions set start and finish times, based on your schedule. And if the power goes out, the set time will be saved for up to 200 hours. It’s efficient too. The oven turns off early and uses residual heat to complete the cooking process.

There’s more to see and learn about the Miele HR 1956 Gas Range.  Check it out for yourself at the NW Natural Parade of Homes inside The Maldivian.

Miele HR 1956 Dual Fuel Gas Range


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