If you’re thinking about upgrading your home, the hottest trend today is bringing the comfort of indoor furnishings and appliances outside.  When it comes to must-haves, grills, fireplaces and patio heaters are the trifecta of outdoor living.  Check out the best outdoor natural gas appliances at Cascade West’s The Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).

Cooking on a Wolf Natural Gas Grill

No matter what you call it — a barbeque or cookout — grilling is the centerpiece of entertaining into fall.  Guests are drawn to the tantalizing aromas and tastes of grilled meat, veggies, and even fruit.

The Wolf Sub Zero natural gas grill handles dishes large and small with a two-position rotisserie grill. You can sear steaks on high while cooking more gently on low with four individually contained grill burners. Direct infrared heat seals in juices and flavor while creating the perfect interior fork-tender texture. Infraredcooks food faster, so you save energy with no pre-heat and shorter overall cook time. Convenient too, because you’ll never run out of fuel. And if red isn’t your color, you can change out the knobs from red to black or stainless.

 Cozy up to the Heat & Glo Courtyard 42 Natural Gas Fireplace

The Courtyard 42 from Heat & Glo combines artistry with function for any entertaining space.  With instant ambiance and mesmerizing flames, snuggle up while enjoying the warmth without the smoke.  The IntelliFire™ Ignition System wall switch provides full control over exactly when the fire starts and ends.

 The Natural Gas Schwank Patio Heater keeps the party going and the guests toasty

Radiant energy is the amount of heat that warms people, not the surrounding air.  Used in soccer stadiums throughout Europe, infrared energy from Schwank is far more efficient than heating air and blowing it down.  As much as 80% of heated forced air is wasted because it floats up and away. This patio heater includes dual heat settings and is made with marine grade stainless steel to last.

Designed outdoor spaces add value to your life and property.  There are so many choices, from simple to high-tech, to help you transform your backyard into a retreat.  Enjoy your visit to the NW Natural Parade of Homes.

– Written by Carollyn Farrar, NW Natural Marketing Program Manager

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