September means kids back at school, piles of rust-colored leaves, clearing the veggie garden and looking forward to cozy-ing down with a book, scented candle, and blanket as the weather turns to cooler nights. If you’re familiar with the term, hygge, pronounced “hue-gah,” that’s hygge.

It’s a feeling of well-being, cozy contentment and keeping things simple.

At this year’s NW Natural Parade of Homes, you’ll find high-performance natural gas appliances that can make your home Hygge-ful.

Take a look at several of the bathrooms in the tour’s luxurious master suites.  With a spa tub, a long soak, and a natural gas tankless water heater, endless hot water can create a place of rest and relaxation.  That’s hygge.

Several natural gas fireplaces, often called hearths, are installed in these gorgeous homes inside and out. The Hygge-hearths, clean and linear, invite you to don your jammies, light the hearth, grab a cup of cocoa, snug yourself down by the flames and settle in for family game night.  That’s hygge.

It’s time for your annual block party. When you whip up potluck spaghetti and meatballs, your mom’s killer chili, or steam your bread while it bakes in a natural gas oven, you’re making comfort food.  That’s hygge.

When the sun goes down, surround your patio with several glowing lanterns. Gather friends and family, grab some bulky sweaters (and your golden retriever) and huddle up at your natural gas fire pit. Relax with some fragrant mulled wine, check out the night sky to find the moon, Jupiter and Venus. Watch the dancing flames, toast marshmallows and munch on s’mores. That’s hygge.

Just remember, hygge means keeping it simple and cozy. So after you tour the NW Natural Parade of Homes, get yourself some scented candles, turn off the lights, get a chunky knit blanket, and sit yourself down in your armchair with your favorite summer-into-fall read. That’s hygge. Enjoy.

by Carollyn Farrar, NW Natural Marketing Program Manager


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