As the misty mornings and cooler temperature settle in (and Starbucks runs out of pumpkin spice—yes, that really happened to me three days ago) we may find ourselves longing for the days of sunshine, our heads out the car window like a dog just freed from the animal shelter and frosty beverages on a beautiful patio. A patio much like the dream-like lanais on display as part of the homes featured in this year’s NW Natural Parade of Homes in Camas.

Never before has the theme of, “Outdoor Living” been more pervasive or prominent. And our unique climate here in the Pacific Northwest plays a big part in the demand for more of it among new custom homes. Builder John Colgate of Affinity Homes, the masterminds behind Home #5 The Hamlin, agrees. “To me, having these big sliding doors, especially on two sides of the house, allows you to utilize the space indoors and outdoors without feeling like you’re exposed to the elements. So what you get from that, is not only additional space to hang out, but it makes your interior spaces feel much larger as well.”

He and business partner Chuck Neibert have plenty of experience filling the order for outdoor living spaces in the homes they build. Their Parade creation, The Hamlin, showcases not one but two accordion-style panoramic doors, one of which leads out to a large covered space which includes an outdoor kitchen with grill, side burner, and storage alongside a granite countertop. It creates the ultimate outdoor experience for entertaining or just enjoying a quiet evening alone with family.

Plenty of examples at the 2019 NW Natural Parade of Homes

There are so many exquisite examples of outdoor living at this year’s NW Natural Parade of Homes. In fact, all the homes have something to offer – so get ready to snap some pics! Or take a look at our Instagram PAGE for reasons to attend this year’s show!

Inside River’s Point (Home #4), you can marvel at a 1,000 square foot deck that overlooks expansive views of the Columbia River. Or fantasize

about the perfect pool at Home #7 Aurora – both Cascade West homes are magnificent at highlighting the views and creating an outdoor paradise. In Home #1 – Mira Verde, by Glavin Homes, you’ll see a timber frame cover off the back patio that just about any home could employ – so there are practical examples that any homeowner can walk away and say – “we could do this with our home!” Other amenities to make your outdoor living year-around include Natural Gas heaters, grills and gas fireplaces that provide warmth and an outdoor invitation into our colder months – check with NW Natural about all the possibilities with your home!

Still Time to see the show!

So between now through September 22nd, come take a peek and enjoy the bounty of these builders’ offerings. But prepare yourself. They’ll definitely make you long for the lazy days of summer. Just snap a few photos, linger as long as you like and know that the opportunity to enjoy frosty beverages on patios as fantastic as these, is just roughly nine short months away. You’ve got this!

Need directions? Just click here. Want to print and save $2 off admission? Click here. And if you want to learn about upcoming events happening at the NW Parade of Homes, click here.

To see some outdoor living examples be sure to visit our VIDEO section on Facebook, we showcase every home on this year’s tour!

See you there!

Coleen Jamison, Special Writer

NW Natural Parade of Homes