The construction processes and science of building an energy efficient and comfortable home are more advanced than ever. Quail Homes – considered one of the top homebuilders specializing in energy efficiency and single level home construction is one of our builders in this year’s 2017 NW Natural Parade of Homes!

When you tour the Quail Home this September 8 to 24 at the Parade – you won’t see all the construction techniques applied within the walls, floors, crawlspace, HVAC system, and insulation – but you’ll feel it. The envelope of a Quail Home is apparent from the moment you walk into their new homes. Their ability to create a home of distinction and beauty, but also highly efficient is as much art and science.

When you tour the Quail Home at the Parade – be sure to ask builder Jon Girod about what makes his home special… you’ll hear terms like effective joints to seal, blower door test rankings, high performance insulation, and roof truss design. Also, be sure to ask about indoor air-quality issues. This emerging topic of health and new construction is of particular interest for Girod and his team. So for those who love to geek-out on the technical aspects of home construction – you’ll get your fill. For those who just want to admire great craftsmanship, design, livability – you’ll get to tour a fantastic Parade home and literally feel the comfort. Quail Homes also creates fantastic kitchen environments, outdoor living areas, and utilize Natural Gas throughout the home.

Most importantly, ask about energy savings, and the home’s potential for solar add-on and other money saving ideas. In the coming months, we will be showcasing the Quail Home entry for the Parade, highlighting renderings, floor plans and more!

Visit Quail Homes HERE for more info.

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