Today’s Natural Gas Clothes Dryer – Less Wrinkle, More Green

Written by Carollyn Farrar, marketing program manager, NW Natural

It’s not often that people shop for and purchase updated laundry equipment. Think all clothes dryers are the same? They may look the same from the outside, but what happens inside is very different. Drying clothes has come a long way from the musty, dark and dank basement. That said, doing the laundry is still a time consuming chore, particularly if you have small children or teenagers in the home. There’s no time saving secret to emptying the dryer and getting the laundry from dryer to drawer.

Consider the benefits of a natural gas dryer.

Less Wrinkle. Natural gas dryers provide instant heat. Loads dry much faster. When a natural gas dryer shuts off, the remaining heat dissipates quickly, reducing the amount of wrinkling.

More Green. Natural gas dryers heat up faster than electric, saving time, energy and money. In fact, NW Natural customers are paying less for natural gas today than they did 15 years ago. Dry laundry quickly and for less money than electric models.  And a shorter drying time extends the fabric life because drying with natural gas is much gentler.

As you tour the 2017 NW Natural Parade of Homes look for the Whirlpool Natural Gas Dryer with Quick Dry Cycle at Cascade West Development’s home, “The Overbrooke.”

Intuitive Touch Controls with Memory. Easy “what” and “how” controls effortlessly help create customized care for garments depending on load type, size and drying times. It remembers the last settings to save time when drying everyday favorites.

Advanced Moisture Sensing uses three active built-in sensors to read incoming and outgoing air temperatures while continuously monitoring heat and moisture levels. This helps the cycle automatically end when clothes are perfectly dry and helps prevent damage caused by over drying.

Estimated Time Remaining LED Display monitors how much time is left during any cycle with the estimated time remaining LED display. Part of the digital console illuminates selected cycles, options and available choices, and notifies when items can be removed from the dryer.

7.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity provides plenty of room to easily handle large loads.

The Sanitize Cycle provides excellent care for clothes in the dryer while eliminating 99.9% of common household bacteria.

Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the U.S.A.  

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