What’s the #1 design trend at the NW Natural Parade of Homes? Find out here!

I don’t know about you, but when I entertain (any more that basically means a socially acceptable sweatpant get-up as a few mom friends and kiddos crawl in my house for a play date) everyone wants to hang out in the kitchen. Even the kids want to race their toys through or beg to sit on the counter to eat their snacks.

Bottom line: whether you’re throwing a large dinner party or simply catching up with your family at the end of a long day, the kitchen is THE place to be in any home these days. And this year’s NW Parade of Homes definitely delivers on this. From huge islands bathed in natural stone or quartz, to pantries the size of some apartment homes (I’m not being dramatic,) just about everyone wants their kitchen to be livable and lived in.

Plus, you will notice that almost all the homes this year tie in the great room, kitchen and outdoor living together seamlessly and with absolute flair! It truly is the number one design trend you’ll see at this year’s show! The way the builders have added in height (20+ foot ceilings), accordion doors to allow the outside in, and great rooms that entertain – is simply gorgeous and functional.

Unique features and special touches abound. From multi-burner stoves to extra-large refrigerators, to layouts that scream, “Please don’t leave!” There are so many design elements at this year’s Parade to delight and inspire you.

But you can’t have the cupcake without the frosting and The River’s Point – Home #4 – built by Cascade West is absolute proof of this. Not only does the kitchen’s refrigerator have a wine cooler between the side-by-side doors in addition to sleek cabinets, a 14 foot by 4-foot island and quartz countertops, but the lighting taps into that part of your brain that makes you feel SO HAPPY. Ron Wagner of Cascade West Development, the builders behind this beauty, says lighting is a big trend this year. The best part: you don’t have to drop a lot of dough to bring some of these design elements into your own home!

“Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be very expensive, it just can be the shape of these lights in the dining room here. They’re not really the most expensive light out there, but the amount of dimension and shape that they add to the room, adds a lot of character.”

While River’s Point provides one distinct contemporary flavor, the other side of the design coin is Mira Verde – Home #1 – built by Glavin Homes. This home also creates a fantastic family-focused entertaining space, great room connection, and outdoor living component too. You can call this design inspiration modern-farmhouse. The DeWils cabinets in the kitchen provide more pullouts, storage space and “why didn’t I think of that,” moments.  Be sure to take notice of the craftsmanship of the cabinets, they were built right here in Vancouver! DeWils has a brand new showroom that is a must-see after the NW Natural Parade of Homes concludes.

Whether you’re looking for ideas to help you create your new kitchen oasis, or you just want to see how the “other half lives,” this year’s NW Natural Parade of Homes in Camas, Washington is an absolute can’t miss.

Getting here is easy, but we’ve put the directions here. You can also save a few bucks off admission by clicking here! And if you want to learn about upcoming events happening at the NW Natural Parade of Homes, click here.

This is the final week of the NW Natural Parade of Homes, so be sure to come see all these great kitchens, or visit our Instagram page for more inspiration and great photos!

See you there!

Coleen Jamison, Special Writer

NW Natural Parade of Homes



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